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 Prosper Your Life Using The Power Of Internet

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Internet Lifestyle Coach & Success Mentor

Abhay Sonak

I Am On A Mission To Educate & Empower People To Establish Their Brand, Credibility & Transform Their Knowledge Into Digital Courses To Live a Life of Prosperity, Passion and The Purpose.

Internet Is Blessings. I Teach You How To Use The Power Of Internet To Build Your Credibility & How You Can Easily Create Courses And Sell Them To Prosper Your Life.

I Guarantee, My Course Will Get You Freedom & Success That Make Your Life Prosperous In A Real Sense.

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How Does Jeevan Samruddhi Mahamarg Work?

It’s a platform of Step-By-Step Online Video Courses & Consultation Services. It’s For Anybody Who Has A Knowledge That Is Required By People. We Teach You How To Establish Your Credibility, How To Transform Your Knowledge Into Courses By Making Online Video Courses. You Also Learn How To Promote Your Courses To Your Targeted Audience Across The World Using Digital Promotion Methods And Sell Your Courses. In Short We Help You Live a Life of Prosperity, Passion and The Purpose. Our Course Get You Freedom And Becomes Prosperous In Just 90 Days.

Samruddhi Business Mastery (L1)

It’s all about pre-framing. First, you will learn & understand Samruddhi Business Blueprint that will give you clarity and confidence to take this game forward to achieve great results in your business. Not only you will learn the mindset about Website, Graphics, Blogging & Videos… You will be able to create all of those. This course will help you become the authority in your area. This will also give you access to 90 minutes weekly LIVE meetups in which we discuss developments and also the challenges being faced and provide their solutions. In short, we make sure you get the required hand-holding support that helps you keep moving forward on महामार्ग

Samruddhi Skyrocket System (L2)

Once you understand how to establish yourself as the authority in L1, in this course you will learn and create your knowledge centre (LMS). You will then learn how to design your lead funnel (landing page), effective copywriting, promote it through FB ad and run email marketing campaigns. You will also learn the crux of an effective webinar. Over and above 90 minutes weekly meetups in L1, additionally you will attend LIVE HACKATHON where we will showcase step-by-step practical of a specific module that too in a specific time frame. This will help you to complete your project and monetize. These are repetitive pre-planned activities that run over 2 months approx and start again.

90 Minutes One To One Personal Consultation (L3) (Optional)

I personally understand you, your business and help You discover yourself. Also, try and figure out the best strategies that are feasible in the given situation and can give maximum possible output. I help you decide strategies and guide you In Order To Achieve 100% Success. Purpose of this course to get you clear about this game plan. Right from deciding the right niche for you, I will give you the confidence to take action on each level. We will discuss strategies of how can you establish yourself as an authority and move forward with your knowledge centre + its promotion. This will give you clarity about each step on this महामार्ग .

Why JSM?

The first and foremost reason – JSM helps you establish your credibility and transform your knowledge into courses and help you sell them, thereby get freedom and prospering your life in a real sense.

Hi, This is Abhay Sonak- founder of JSM, please allow me to answer this very important question you may have in mind. After 27 years of experience in the IT field and 10+ years In Digital Marketing that also includes 4+ Years of teaching experience In the Digital Marketing area – I realized that creating an e-learning platform is a great way to get freedom and to make my life prosperous in a real sense. Ever since I started recording my videos, I am enjoying my life journey like never before. Following are the 12 specialities why you must consider JSM to become Digital Coach:

1. Created this course after getting trained by India’s best coach – I have created this course after I went through an extensive training program from India’s best Internet Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Coach – Siddharth Rajsekar who is a specialist in this line.

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Felicitation by MSME Dept. Govt. Of India for Delivering Seminar On Digital Marketing

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