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Empower yourself with digital services & done-for-you (DFY) readymade platforms to kick-start & promote your business & earnings

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Abhay Sonak

Digital Coach & Success Mentor

I Am On A Mission To Empower 1 million people with DFY digital services & coaching to live a life filled with passion, purpose & prosperity.

I educate college students, housewives, MSMEs with digital marketing education and empower them with DFY readymade platforms that helps them succeed and earn. I also help trainer, teacher, coaches to digitize their knowledge, brand &    

My Vision is to build prosperous society with DFY digital services & coaching easily accessible in affordable pricing.

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Why JSM?

The first and foremost reason – JSM helps you establish your credibility and transform your knowledge into courses and help you sell them, thereby get freedom and prospering your life in a real sense.

Hi, This is Abhay Sonak- founder of JSM, please allow me to answer this very important question you may have in mind. After 27 years of experience in the IT field and 10+ years In Digital Marketing that also includes 4+ Years of teaching experience In the Digital Marketing area – I realized that creating an e-learning platform is a great way to get freedom and to make my life prosperous in a real sense. Ever since I started recording my videos, I am enjoying my life journey like never before. Following are the 12 specialities why you must consider JSM to become Digital Coach:

1. Created this course after getting trained by India’s best coach – I have created this course after I went through an extensive training program from India’s best Digital Coach – Siddharth Rajsekar who is a specialist in this line.

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Felicitation by MSME Dept. Govt. Of India for Delivering Seminar On Digital Marketing

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