Why Jeevan Samruddhi Mahamarg (JSM)?

The first and foremost reason – I provide success-focused coaching that goes beyond being informative and knowledge acquaintance to being practical and results-oriented.

Along with Success-Focused Coaching, JSM empowers you with a DFY personlized & impactful website, compelling portfolio, and engaging social media handles, is often the first step towards your success. Many individuals and businesses face challenges in creating their own digital presence. That's where DFY (Done For You) digital presence comes in. 

By offering ready-made DFY digital presence, I provide you a solution, where many are unable to build their own. With these pre-built digital presence assets, you are ready to launch and promote your business or services. Thereby saving your time and efforts, multiplying their chances of success.I also offer DFY personalized promotional services. These services help individuals and businesses effectively promote their business and maintain a consistent presence on social media & blogging platforms.  By leveraging these services, my students can reach their target audience and enhance their online visibility, further increasing their opportunities for success.Experience, 

Results, Community, Flexibility, Personalization, Efficiency, and Impact. These are the cornerstones of our digital coaching services at JeevanSamruddhiMahamarg. 

Discover why JSM is unique and can transform your journey towards success 

1. 39+ Years of Industry Experience: With over 27 years of hands-on experience in the IT field, 13+ years specializing in digital marketing, I bring a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise to my coaching.

1. Created this course after getting trained from India’s best coach – I have created this course after I went through an extensive training program from India’s best Internet Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Coach – Siddharth Rajsekar who is a specialist in this line.

2. More than 18 months’ hard work to create this course – Ideally, they say it should take 90 days but it took me 1 and a half years to study, get clarity, make my mindset, and launch my course. Once you finish reading this page, you will understand why it took such a long time for me to launch my course.

3. Credibility and Online Selling Skills – There are 2 prominent aspects when you are becoming a Digital Coach and willing to get freedom & prosperity in your life – (1) Your Credibility & (2) Your Online Selling Skills. Fortunately, in my past 10+ years’ life journey in the Digital Marketing area, I learned both aspects to a great extent that help me pass on the knowledge to my students.

4. Clearing Concepts & Making Mindsets – Along with the Credibility & Online

Selling Skills, you also need to have 100% clarity and the mindset for the course you are launching. Your courses’ market requirement, target audience, the syllabus, course structure & the pricing – selling comes later. I had to, therefore, take the utmost care to ensure that my student gets the best in the world. When it comes to clarity and making mindset, I have left no stone unturned to make my students clarify and make their mindsets in every aspect of this journey. That’s the sole reason at JSM for each and every module I have gone that extra mile and taken efforts to record separate videos for clearing the concepts, making the mindset, and then how to take action. It’s far beyond just explaining the methodologies to take action, you see?.

5. Minimalism and Essentialism – This is always my principle In my course syllabus, I have been always giving what’s required. I am the last person to include unnecessary stuff in my syllabus just to be a part of the race to get the business and to get an edge over the competition. Too many topics and lengthy lectures result in distraction, a waste of time, effort, and confusion? for students. That is one primary reason most of the students cannot complete the course. I have seen people increasing the course fees for adding unnecessary stuff in their courses.

6. मराठी – The communication language – The language of my course is मराठी – As Nelson Mandela said – If you talk to a man in a language he understands – that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language (mother tongue) – that goes to his heart. I opted for मराठी not only because it’s my mother tongue, but is also because I love मराठी over any other language in the globe. And also because मराठी goes straight in the heart? of my target audience that makes it easy for them to connect, understand, and implement more comfortably than in any other language – be it English.

7. PowerPoint presentation? with nicely animated slides – It’s about my recorded course videos, when I started recording them, I realized that I am missing something and that only videos do not suffice when explaining the point, video becomes monotonous. Therefore It’s just not video lectures, I am simultaneously running PowerPoint presentation slides for almost every topic with nice & simple animations. It was a hugely time-consuming and expensive and full of effort process, but I decided not to compromise – because my students need to understand the subject the way it is and there should not be any gap in understanding.

8. Price? consciousness – I am price conscious yet I never compromise on quality. Being a person from the IT sector, I have a knack for testing the tools and platforms and understand their pros and cons. Now being a person in the Digital Marketing area I have a habit of searching for stuff online and comparing those with each other. These 2 skills have helped me to find out the best of them for me and my students. It starts with the Operating System. First and foremost, I am using Windows and not Apple. This is because most of my target audience is Windows users. Whether it’s Windows or Apple, I am expecting you to have it already with you and that there is no extra burden you need to bear for this reason.

8.1. Softwares?‍? – You will need software for (1) recording videos (2) editing those videos (3) recording & editing audios (4) making creatives – The ones I am using and recommending is one of the most popular software yet they are coming free.

8.2. Hardware – When it comes to hardware – like Camera? + Mic + Tripod + Mic stand – I am using and recommending the branded ones that give real quality output- but these too are pricing less than INR 7000 and that is a one-time investment.

8.3. Platforms – About the platforms like (1) web hosting service + domain registration, (2) Learning Management System (LMS for hosting your courses videos), (3) Landing pages & (4) email marketing system – I am using and recommending the one with their proven track record and with the most reasonable pricing.

8.3.1. Web hosting service?, domain registration – For your website, your web hosting server and your .com domain registration will cost INR 2300/- aprx (including GST) for the year. This also includes Free SSL certificate and free backup and restoration support by the web hosting service provider.
8.3.2. Learning Management System (LMS) – It’s FREE, however, for Video streaming platform INR 1100 per month approx – (including GST) for the basic plan. This means you have to pay INR 1100/- per month as against platforms like Teachable charging $119 (INR 9,000 apprx) per month.
8.3.3. Landing pages – It’s FREE. Saving $99 (INR 7,500/- approx) monthly that people are paying for platforms like ClickFunnel. Therefore landing page cost becomes 0 in my case.

8.3.4. Email marketing system – The same stands true for the email marketing system, I am using & recommending the one of most popular with pricing INR 1100/- aprx. per month for the basic plan. It’s free for first 30 days. Once you start your earnings, no problem, you can afford upgrading your plans.
8.3. Contd… For webinars, I use Zoom. Because it’s a widely used platform and even I am using the same, I have not considered Zoom in the price consciousness factor.
Selecting softwares, hardwares and platforms was the most critical decision for me. Infact, my mentor suggested all tools and platforms and I could have directly bought and used them without giving a second thought and without wasting any time. But I was aware that the tools and platforms I will be using, I will also be recommending those to my students. It would have been much more cost burden on my students, had I used and recommended the same tools that my mentor is using and suggested. I had therefore no option but to try different softwares, hardwares & even platforms, which I did and found the ones that are much reasonable in pricing yet giving almost the same benefits and even better features in some cases..

9. Most proven & suitable course structure – There are 2 levels –

9.1. Level 1 – Build Your Credibility – That’s the first step. If you do not prove credibility in the market, people won’t buy your courses however credible you are. People buy you first in their mind and then they consider buying your courses. My course will first explain to you the concept of what it means by building credibility. Then I will make your mindset as to why you need to build credibility which is the utmost important factor. Because unless you know ‘why’ you won’t gear up yourself for taking action. Moreover, only taking action doesn’t help, you need to take action wholeheartedly. Finally, my course will show you the process & action steps on how to create your credibility step-by-step. Once you complete this course and take necessary actions you will have descent level of credibility established for yourself.

9.2.1. Level 2 – Create & Sell Your Online Courses – Once you have established credibility successfully, then it’s time to create your course(s). I will explain to you the simplest and easiest format of the course structure. Will also tell you the Learning Management System (LMS) platform on which you need to upload your course videos. There are hundreds of platforms available some are very expensive high quality, and some are cheap average quality. I am telling you the once that comes FREE

After a lot of research and after putting huge amount of efforts & time in trial and errors, I finalized LMS platform for JSM. This LMS platform comes free without compromising the quality. My IT background helped me test various platforms and then finalized the one for me and my students. I knew what it needs for any online platform to be effective. More than features, it’s the speed and the security that matters the most. Could not think of recommending Teachable LMS that need monthly $119 and ClickFunnel for landing pages that cost monthly $99. This is what many have been using and recommending. (BTW, there is a big catch in Teachable LMS’ instant pay-out in $39 plan.

US, Canada and UK. People in other countries don’t get instant payout, it takes 30 days for it’s pay-out that too after 2.99% deduction by Pay-pal as we cannot integrate Indian payment gateways in this $39 plan. We need payment gateway to transfer our money to our bank account within 1, 2 or 3 days max after the sale.. Being an Indian, selecting this $39 plan is out of question for many of us. As this is not enough, Teachable charges 5% on every transaction in $39 plan, therefore Teachable + PayPal = total deduction becomes 7.99%. )

9.2.2. It comes to SELLING once your course is created. My 10+ years experience in Digital Marketing and promotion plays very significant role when I am explaining how to create ads and create ad campaigns in FB and Google Ads. This will help you generate leads for your webinars or online LIVE courses and generate business..

10. Most reasonable fee structure – With the kind of platform I have created, I guarantee, you are getting huge values in the most reasonable pricing. I am helping you establish your credibility in Level 1 with the Fees INR 2,499/- Only. My training will help you make your website, videos, creative graphics, podcasts, blogs, Optimized FB page, YouTube Channel, free leads & self evaluation. Level 2 Fee is INR 4,999/- you are making your course

11. One-To-One 30 minutes online consultation with me – This is for first 50 students only – I will help you decide your niche and strategies in this game.

12. 60 Minutes One-To-One free consultation with Jeevan Samruddhi Digital Advisor – Should you need any technical support – our Digital Advisors will help you fix your problem, be it a hardware or software

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