About Abhay

1. Age 57 Years
2. Qualification B.Com (1989), PGDCA (1994)
3. Believes in Learn & Earn – Started Full-Time Job At The Age Of 18 (& working non-stop since then)
4. Job Experience Of IT Infrastructure & IT Service Delivery In The Corporate Sector 27 Years
5. Experience In Digital Marketing Services – 10 Years (Since 2010)… Found & CEO of NetPreneur Solutions
6. Experience In Digital Marketing Education Field – 4 Years (Since 2016). Digital Marketing Classes Initiated Using A College’s (CPC) Computer Lab In Nagpur (Only evening batch was allowed) – For 2 Years
7. Last 2 Years (Since June 2018) Running Full Time Digital Marketing Classes In Owned State of Art Classroom & Institute.
8. Worked On Projects 100+, 1100+ Students, 50+ Seminars Conducted, 100+ Webinars
9. Some Of The Institutions Where I Was Invited To Deliver Lectures About Digital Marketing – MSME Dept. Govt. Of India, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College, Nagpur, Saturday Club, Nasik, CPC College Nagpur, Sahayog, Akola, V-Connect- Mumbai.
10.  Cities Worked In – Mumbai 5 Years, Pune 12 Years, Chennai & Baroda 1 Year Each and Nagpur 16 Years scattered. (Currently Operating Out Of Nagpur Since Last 4 Years) – Total Experience 35 Years (Including 2 Years Blended Experience Of Job + Business)

My Mission

To empower 1 million people to live a life of purpose and prosperity through my digital coaching, while also helping them build and promote their personalized digital presence.

My Vision

To create prosperity worldwide through affordable, accessible, and actionable digital coaching

My Passion

As they say, death is not a great loss, great loss is what dies inside when you are still alive. To me, this depicts the importance of listening to the inner voice and pursuing dreams to enrich life over the passive existence and dying without making any mark.
In this world, why only 5% of people are living a successful lifestyle and the rest 95% are living an average lifestyle? When the fact is, we all are born with the same characteristics 1 head, 4 limbs, same thinking capacity.
One of the primary reasons why people live an average lifestyle is that they conform – their relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues are living the same average lifestyle. This is one reason people give up under various situations be it professional or a personal life. There are 2 types of causes, external cause e.g. social pressure and internal e.g. cause lack of courage. Therefore it does not matter for 95% of people to continue living with an average lifestyle.
We are born with equal characteristics, however everyone is born with a unique quality. We acquire few in the journey of life.
One must recognize one-self and use those qualities with a passion to serve mankind. When your passion becomes your source of income, your life prospers.

My Passion Is To Prosper Lives Using The Power Of Internet.

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